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Travel Tips:

For travelers from the USA to Germany

• USA citizens need a valid passport to enter Germany. (no visa is necessary at this time)  

Non US citizens should check with the consulate or embassy of their country about necessary papers.

• We recommend on your flight to Germany to try to sleep as soon as the food plates are cleared.  Bringing ear plugs is a good idea.

Most transatlantic flights leave for Europe in the evening and arrive in the morning local time. So if your plane is scheduled to arrive at 8 am figuring in the time change of 6 hours from EST, you will actually arrive in Europe at 2 am Eastern Standard Time. So after your meal you will have about 5 hours until you will be awakened for breakfast and your arrival in  Europe.

• The currency in Germany is the Euro.

• The weather is comparable with Michigan, with the winters a little bit more severe.

• We recommend bringing an umbrella and dress according to season in layered clothing.


• Water is not automatically served with meals and you will be charged for it. Water can be carbonated or flat and must be ordered accordingly

• There are no free refills on drinks, including water

• A base tip is included in your check and so it is customary to up the bill  to the next even amount plus one Euro.

• Ice cubes are not readily available in most restaurants and not served in drinks, although drinks are cold.

• For buffet breakfast a tip is not mandatory, but 50 cents would be appreciated - put under plate

• Restrooms are marked as W.C. (Frauen for women and Herren for men).

Some of the restrooms have attendants and the customary tip is 50 cents.

• Gratuity for your bus driver should be about 1 Euro per day per person, and the same for your Tour Manager or Bus host / hostess.

• Sightseeing tips for local guides should be 10 to 20 Euro for the group.

• Most tours require quite a bit of walking (many times on cobblestone streets, uneven ground and up hills) and also stair climbing.  It would be important that  you are physically fit, a strong and steady walker and wear sturdy walking shoes.

We will publish more tips as we go along, so check back periodically

Basic Tips for Air Travel:

Be at the Airport at least 2 hours early, 3 for overseas flights


Do not lock your checked bags. (They may have to be checked by security officials for your safety.)

If you are carrying a computer when you check in for your flight, take it out of its case when you approach the security checkpoint.

Do not wrap gifts. They may have to be opened for a security inspection.

Pack smart. Put any camera film in your carry-on baggage. Put your personal items in clear plastic bags so screeners can see them without having to touch them.

Avoid wearing or carrying metallic objects in your clothes to avoid setting off checkpoint alarms.

Arrive early for your flight. Check your airline for details.

Go online at www.TSATravelTips.us to find more tips on airport security in the U.S., including what you can and cannot carry on the plane.

Check the local weather (Click for Yahoo weather)


Travel Tips and the Links on this page are listed for your convenience and thought to be current at the time of publishing this site, we will not be responsible for any mistakes, changes of rules and regulations and any other information contained within this site.

Please research the statements made here on your own for accuracy.