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The Health spas:

Your Health and your wellness are an important part of life in Bavaria and all over Germany. This is reflected in the habit of hiking, biking and even walking to go shopping.

A big role in this also played by the many Health Spas all over the region.

German medicine believes in the healing nature of their spas and even their health insurances pay for treatments and stays, if the doctor prescribes them.

These towns usually have the word Bad (bath) included in their name and have a public health spa.  Please read the excellent article by Rosie Masini Pieralli to find out more about a public spa experience.

Very often one or two larger hotels in town, with their own medical staff including doctor(s), offer treatments in a private setting.

On our web site we are at this point only introducing the spa town of Bad Steben, with a wide diversity in treatments.

We feature the splendid Relexa Hotel there, where we were treated exceptionally well during our stay. Here the treatments were in private rooms.

We have to point out, that there is a difference between attending a “feel good” wellness type week/weekend and a week(s) with doctor prescribed treatments. Believe me the massages at the latter are harder with a lot more oomph and purpose.

Again when clicking on please note, that these pages are being reworked and under construction at this point, with listing of treatments and the different official spa towns coming soon.