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The word describes the food goodies or specialties of the area and also the local”delicacies”.  

The biggest misconception about this beautiful part of the world is that the food choices are very limited. Yes, we like our Schnitzel, Bratwurst and Sauerkraut, but we also like Fish, Beef, Lamb, Venison, Poultry and Pork.

Many types of cheeses originate in Bavaria and it also offers a wide variety of tempting cakes and tortes, like the exquisite Prince Regent Torte.

We devoted a whole web site to these dishes in

Inge’s Kitchen

From everyday meals to Holiday dinners, from simple desserts to 7 layer torts,

some local drinks and salads,

a Sauerkraut soup and a Mushroom soup our friends are raving about

and even the headless, ultra lean headcheese “Suelze”, which is our most visited webpage here. Roam around a little, you might find something right down your alley.

Be aware, that many of the recipes are sinfully good and definitely not DIET FOOD!!!