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The other side of Bavaria:

Aside from all the amazing places which are listed in every guidebook and overrun by busses and tourists, there is another side to this beautiful region, may be not as famous but just as interesting. These are the places frequented by the locals, the places the self proclaimed travel gurus have not heard of yet, the places which will show you what the people and the region is really all about.

These are the places we would like to introduce to you in our section:

”Meet the Region, Towns and Places”

Here we will try to take you from area to area and place to place, point out the things worth seeing and also list some of the many of the festivals there. You would be amazed at how many charming towns there are and how many festive occasions you can find.

This area likes to celebrate and you are invited to join in.

So please rummage through our pages at the links and find what you would like to see and include in your stay in Bavaria.

”Meet the Region, Towns and Places”

is an evolving endeavor,

we will add and change it frequently,

so come back often and have a little patience with us.

We have many places still to add

and are finding new spots of interest all the time.

Look around the area you grew up in and start looking outside of your box,

you will be surprised at how many places you missed out on all these years,

then you realize why the information in these pages will always be growing.