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Get the most out of your visit :

There are many must sees in the area, but the time is too short to explore all of it. So the major decision is what to include in your travel itinerary.

Joining an escorted tour is great for a first visit and gives you an overall view of the area and a good foundation for future visits.

As time is usually at a premium during your stay, you have to decide how much of it you will spend at any particular location, do you want to explore an area in depth and also try to interact with the local people?

Getting around is touched in the transportation page.

As in any country the people working in your hotel usually live in the area and are a good source for all things local and off the beaten track.

So our advise, be friendly and nice to them, as they may direct you

If you travel on your own; plan ahead. With the Internet at your disposal there is almost too much information about the places you want to visit. Also remember things you might perceive as mediocre, other people might consider to be great or vise versa, also a place at the bottom of your list might turn out to be the highlight of your trip, so keep an open mind.

Go on the web sites of the towns you are near, see what interests you and add it to your list. Most towns with a major tourist attraction near by will include these on their pages.

If you travel by car, has a very good route planning site which gives you directions, lets you add stopovers and calculates your approximate driving time.

During your research make sure you find the correct addresses of the places you want to visit, write them down and take them along for simplified entry into your GPS (that makes getting around so much easier).

Visit our pages at ”Meet the Region, Towns and Places” for many ideas on what not to miss in the area.

Make sure to keep a travel log while you are there, believe me, with all the new things you experience you will forget many facts, times and places.

If you included too much in your itinerary and end up stressed out, think about adding a couple of nights at one of the many spas for a pampering session. While there, look back and digest all the things you experienced, finish your travel log and return home from your trip rested and ready to go. We believe this is money well spend.

On our web site are a few itineraries which we offer to groups, they include a lot of sightseeing and will keep you busy the whole time you are there. These itinerary are only outlines of the highlights of the trip.

We are also working on some examples of individual self directed tours which will include, besides the above mentioned, also some of the nice surprises we usually have in store for our tour participants.

We can also, for a fee, design a trip with focus on your wishes, needs and preferences, interested, send us an e-mail or call, 586.231.7605, leave a message and we will get back to you soon.