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Bavarian Festivals & Traditions:

Every country in this world is rich with their customs and rituals and celebrates them with festivals and events throughout the year. These festivals, ...   

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The Stammtisch and more from the Beer Halls and Gardens:

Every respectable pub or restaurant serving beer in Bavaria is home to a table called the “Stammtisch”. It is a table...

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Bavarian Trivia:

Did you know, that...

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Why visit Bavaria:

Through movies, documentaries and even on the History channel, Bavaria is often mentioned and immediately brings to mind beer, mountains, yodeling, Bratwurst and Sauerkraut. Besides the famous tourist magnets, there are so many diverse places,.....

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Bavarian Humor and other short stories:

Once upon a time...

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Bierland Franken:

The world over Bavaria is associated with beer but the records are from a small area nobody heard from...

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Meet the Region, Towns and Places



The other side of Bavaria:

Aside from all the amazing places which are listed in every guidebook and overrun by busses and tourists, is the other side of this beautiful area, may be not as famous but just as interesting. These are the places frequented by the locals, the places...

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The Health spas:

Your Health and your wellness are an important part of life in Bavaria and all over Germany. This is reflected in the...

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The Bierdeckel or Bierfilz:

The cardboard disk that accompanies your beer or even soft drink is not a ...

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A day as a local visitor:

Just coming out of the airport with a whole night of very little sleep behind us, it is still a couple hours driving time to ...

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Get the most out of your visit:

There are many must sees in the area, but the time is too short for all of it. So the major decision is what to include in...

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Tourist magnets:

Many of the locations in Bavaria are famous world wide and be it...

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The weather in this region is about the same as in Michigan, so we do not think that we need a separate page for it.

Go on and type in the city in Germany and it will take you there. City not listed; look on a map for the next bigger town and try that one.


the Bavarian culinary experience:

The biggest misconception about this beautiful part of the world is that the food choices are very limited. Yes, we like our Schnitzel,...

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The Frühschoppen a local institution:

The word comes from the German word for ....

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Bavaria by car, train or any other way:

First time visitors should, in our opinion, consider a guided tour to take you around and show you the...

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Why they dress the way they dress:

In German the word for the traditional clothes of a town or region is called a “Tracht” and they are still proudly worn on...

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The Bier:
Bavaria, an area 15% smaller than South Carolina, had at the beginning of the 19th century close to 30,000 commercial breweries, including those ...