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For the Travel Professional:

Have a client who wants to see Central Europe on their own?

We would love to help you.

We offer a variety of preplanned tours itineraries for 7, 10 or 14 days at a special price to Agents.

These itineraries will make your job of taking care of your clients the right way a lot easier and supply your client with the information (s)he?they need(s) for a memorable execution of their journey.

We can also design a custom trip for them as close as possible to their specifications, interests, convenience and budget.

These personalized itineraries are also available to you at an agency discount.

Please see our “Individual”, “On your own” page for our suggested cost to your client.

For your Groups:

We can research and design group’s itinerary from religious, fraternal, social, historical, wine, beer, music, 20th century, health and wellness to hiking, biking or just for general sightseeing.

From Basic to Luxury

One or multiple countries,

Escorted or self directed.

Any size groups.

Let us know your wishes, standards and considerations and we will work with you!

We will custom design your tour as close as possible to your specifications and interests, with an itinerary from action to relaxed tailored to your participants.

From money conscious to very luxurious.


A custom group tour itinerary

for 10 days in country is

$ 100.00

includes a detailed itinerary, including interesting local sights not visited by common tours, with links to local guides.

We also have direct connections to some superior German Tour Bus Companies,

who might be able to save you money.

We can have them quote a price for up to 10 participants in a small bus,

also from 20 up to 40 people in a comfort bus with onboard mini kitchen and cold drinks. Not to crowd them, larger groups can be split up into more busses.

We can have them include

Escorts, from professional tour guides to a hostess on the bus,

Luggage service at the hotels.

Any meals you want to make part of the package, including hot soup and hot dogs served on the bus.

Entrance fees and local guides.

Additional transfers to the sights, like boat trips, horse and buggy rides or special bus transports such as up to Hitler’s mountain top retreat, the Eagle’s Nest.

Bottled water included on the bus.

And any other possible add on’s and amenities your group’s clients cannot live without and are willing to pay for.


Contact us by e-mail or call

Contact us

If you are interested, we have a DVD from one of our tours with a Martin Luther Theme, which one of the participants compiled.

It is an excellent amateur movie and we would love to send you a copy.

Please note, that it was made for personal use only.