label ideas


Here are a few designs

Logo ideas2

Caroline, please try this out there are 3 fields that you can change, I just tried it out on Karin’s machine and it seems that you can now save the filled out forms in Acrobat Reader

So please try it, select a label or tell me what to change and I will, once you make sure everything lines up get the pdf ready for you with the labels copied in all fields and the black label outline removed.

The 3 fields: 1 left aligned the middle one center, the bottom right aligned. I can not give you a black outline on the font for the sausage name.

open with an external acrobat viewer to use the form fields!

new try see if they line up


Here is another revision, PDF file with six of the labels on it, had to condense the length of the individual labels to fit to the lapel template

label try 1


a copy of what should be the label template is right here


Both files seem to print out bigger when you download the file to the computer and open it in adobe acrobat, which is than, on my machine, the correct size for the label blanks. Please give it a try.

Label blanks as per : OL150  Avery:  5164 or 5264  or  8164

luv ya