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Located in the heart of the Fichtelgebirge, (a midsize mountain range located very close to the center of Europe and is formed like a horseshoe. It has the unique feature that it originates rivers running to the four directions of the compass, which in our opinion makes the region Europe's central water divide.)

Wunsiedel is a dreamy town which springs to life during their annual Brunnenfest and the Luisenburg Festivals.  

It is the birth town of the German writer Jean Paul, who is said to have coined the word “Doppelgaenger”, which was adopted in the American Language.

The towns history and more information can be found on the above Wikipedia link.

We included this city because of the Brunnenfest and the Luisenburg Labyrinth

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Festival of the fountains


The weekend before June 24. (The day dedicated to St. John the Baptist)


An annual event where the fountains of the city are elaborately decorated with fresh flowers and greens. Click on link below to find out more


Annual, historic, worth a visit


More about the Brunnenfest

The nearby Luisenburg is home to the oldest outdoor theater in Germany with yearly professional performances during the festival weeks in Summer and nature’s own Granite Rock Maze. Climbing through this amazing array of rocks will show you the type of rock garden Mother Nature is able to put together. Some of the passage ways are pretty tight and you have to be in decent shape with solid shoes to take this one on.

Another worthwhile place to visit!

We thank the Wunsiedel Tourism office for sending us the pictures to use on our pages.