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With the majestic Alps as a backdrop this city blends the old and the new together charmingly. It was already a settlement in Roman times, located on an important supply route across the Alps.

 The 350 km long Romantic Road, which is the most famous German route, ends here. Like in many of these charming towns with their medieval flair make sure to see the sights and enjoy the ambiance and food these towns offer.

Don’t forget a visit to the Hohes Schloss and St. Mang.

It’s proximity to the most famous castle in the world includes this town in the list of the busiest tourist areas in Bavaria. Hohenschwangau village, the gateway to Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles can easily be reached from here.

The famous pilgrimage church in the meadows the Wieskirche which is close by, should also be on your list.

The King’s castles:

This area is probably the busiest tourist center in Bavaria due to the nearby, must see fantasy castle of Neuschwanstein and the Hohenschwangau castle above the village of Schwangau.

The village of Hohenschwangau is the central point for the 2 castles, with the ticket center and the horse carriage stop for both castles and the bus stop to Neuschwanstein  right in the village.

Here is a web site with detailed information about tickets, hotels etc..

Remembering back to our first visit, the horse drawn carriages brought you right up to the entrance of Neuschwanstein, without a waiting period to enter the castle.

These times have change with the steady flow of tourists, so make sure you are in time for  your reservations at the castle.

We suggest taking the bus up to the castle and walk downhill from there to the castle entrance, but to avoid the climb up to the bus stop go down to the horse drawn carriages and enjoy the ride back down to the village. This way you are walking downhill both ways.

Note that Neuschwanstein averages more than 1.3 million visitors yearly with daily counts of up to 10,000.

By the way don’t forget to include a visit to the Gardens of Schloss Linderhof, Ludwig’s Hunting palace, while you are in the area.

This whole region is rich in traditions, rites and customs and we will include some of them in the future “rites and customs” section.


Schlosskonzerte Neuschwanstein


Neuschwanstein concert series




See schedule at Schwangau link, below it is in German under Kultur - Schlosskonzerte at that point is a link to some information in the English language. Programm gives you a list of the concerts and Tickets und Info gets you to the rest of the information, here again an online translator may do the trick. Ticket sale start beginning of February for the September concerts.

Please note that these tickets are very hard to get and sold out quickly!


Beer, fun and Gemütlichkeit


Link to the Schwangau web site




Photo: Cezary Piwowarski